Dar Ines offers an all-inclusive and personalized experience in terms of activities, services, dining and accommodation.

Dar Ines can organize seminars and research workshops, meetings for your organization or institution, study tours, or artist in residence, always with the highest level of professionalism, creativity and hospitality. 

Dar Ines has the capacity to receive groups of between 30 and 35 guests. Please ask for our group rates.


Dar Ines offers a menu of activities tailored ...

When you first look out over Moulay Idriss you will discover the richness of its shapes and forms. Based on your interests you may decide to stroll through the narrow streets that lead you to the stalls where artisans are working or you may prefer to hike the many canopied trails with their numerous panoramic views..

Several remote villages, only a few kilometers from Moulay Idriss are also popular destinations for hiking, mountain biking and trekking with a donkey or mules. If they know you are coming you will be welcomed into a family to share their lunch and company.

Zerhoun country is known for its strong personality based on its traditional lifestyle and local attractions. Its rich history is still evident through the archaeological monuments and natural heritage, cultural and spiritual expressions.

  • Volubilis from the Roman Empire is a must to visit while in Morocco. It is our largest archaeological site and is located at the foot of Moulay Idriss,

  • Behind the town, winding trails cross the mountain, meander through the agricultural terraces, fruit trees, olive trees ... to finally end in a beautiful pine forest

  • Individual trails and walkways, with views over the city as well as the Saiss plain, Meknes, Fez and the foothills of the Middle Atlas, are reserved for hikers who prefer these circuits. But why not go with Pinocchio, the ‘donkey of Ines’, who actually carried all the materials to restore this beautiful house. He now lives a rather quiet retreat, other than the occasional petting he receives from our guests.

  • Some of the available activities include: painting workshop on wood, pottery and other traditional materials, learn local cuisine, the art of henna , embroidery, take a guided tours, and/or enjoy a traditional Moroccan sauna...


The time that you have allowed for your stay in Moulay Idriss, and Volubilis may not be enough to do everything you want?

Identify your interest in the various of activities when making your booking. The price of the full package will be prepared based on your specific needs.


  • Internet WIFI is available and free

  • You can experience the absolute relaxation of a traditional hammam or steam room on site for (5 euros per person)

  • Our professional service staff are available to assist you in organizing your trip (transportation, expert guide services, visits to attractions and places of interest, preparation of travel itineraries, etc ...).

Our restaurant

To discover the flavors of traditional Moroccan cuisine, there is no better place in Moulay Idriss than Dar Ines. Whether on the patio, the living room or on the terrace, there is no shortage of places to enjoy our gastronomic Moroccan cuisine

The menu which specializes in local products, has been inspired by traditional Moroccan dishes, especially those from the Moulay Idriss region. Your meals will be prepared by Aziza and Zahra our two trained cooks. You will be graciously served by the always pleasant Said.

The Dar Ines restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. You also can order individual menus and even a picnic baskets. Dar Ines can also organize group meals and celebrations according to your needs. You can also enjoy a variety of beverages (mint tea, coffee, juices, ...) any time of the day.


Dar Inès of  Moulay Idriss welcomes you.

You can choose from among 7 rooms, each special character.

  • All rooms are equipped with heaters, solar heated showers and toilet

  • Prices include a typical Moroccan breakfast

  • We recommend the half board for an additional 12 euros per person

  • Children under 4 years are not charged

  • Children under 8 pay only 50%


Choose your room in the rates section "Rates"

All your bookings and information requests must be sent to the following address :

maison.Ines @ gmail.com

The staff will confirm the reservation.