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Dar Inès a un nouveau site web

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Bienvenue à Dar Inès

La Maison d’hôte DAR INES a un nouveau site web plus actualisé, convivial et attractif. Découvrez ses offres, ses services et ses produits:

Au plaisir de vous accueillir avec hospitalité et professionnalisme.



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Dar Ines

The guesthouse is owned and operated by Zoubir Chattou who has long been attracted to the community of Moulay Idriss and in particular this unique historic building. The décision to invest in this facility was his way of learning more about the community and contribute the promotion of sustainable tourism which has been a growth market in this region. In order to minimize the impact of the project the values of respect for the local surroundings, quality construction and the involvement of local residents has been a major considération in the project.

Magnificant jars, antique olive container ornament the entrance as they have always done. Two elaborate doors separate you, on arrival, from the treasures to be discovered within the house. Diffuse light baths the inner patio which is surrounded by 3 floors of guest rooms, nooks and lounge areas. You have the impression of having crossed through 4 distinct houses including a secret interior that is linked to the adjacent lanes

A fountain, complete with zelliges, adornes one of the walls and creates a magical feeling with its slow running waters. The open sky invites you into the patio by a skylight that offers both fresh air and natural lighting. Several hidden niches in the wall display the beautiful pottery of the region. Whitewash, but also  briquettes, simple lines, ornamental woodwork on the doors and windows, wrought iron, terracotta ... this provides a beautiful architectural interior and creates a more human scale to this large and palatial structure.

The first thing you notice is that the house surely must be a historic monument in Moulay Idriss, perhaps owned by a local personality, a Pacha or some political leader of the community. The overall scale or size of the facility as well as the number of masterpieces suggests the importance of the facility and its previous owners.

The restoration effort has been colossal, as all surfaces, from the walls to ceiling to flooring uncovered the artistic character of the place!

A variety of spaces, benches and beds are available to meet you comfort needs but also to encourage you to be impressed by the beauty of the building. Each floor reveals new levels of architectural detailing. It is an unforgetable experience to pass even one night in such a location.